Signs and Symptoms From your Body That You Should Never Ignore.

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Hello beautiful people,
How have we been? I’ve been missing in action for a while now.  I know.  But something is in the works, wink*wink* so watch out for this space.

Today, I’ll be talking on health signs and symptoms from your body, that you should never ignore as they may be a pointer to something serious brewing. 
Most times our bodies try to send us a message when all is not well, but because we are still able to cope and perform our daily activities we ignore the signs and symptoms until it’s too late and for most diseases, early diagnosis and treatment is key to cure and survival. We should always listen to our bodies and check out whatever doesn’t feel right. However, Some symptoms or signs in particular should never be taken lightly. These include :
  • Bleeding from the vagina anytime apart from your normal period – if you notice bleeding no matter how small from your vagina when you are not on your menstrual period. Perhaps after sex,  or just spontaneously without provocation and it persists,  it is definitely worth checking out. It may be nothing, as some women have slight bleeding when they ovulate. But it could be the first sign of cervical, ovarian or uterine cancer. Insist on investigations to rule out disease.  Like PAP smear or a scan.
  • Lump from the Breast : All lumps from the Breast should be removed and a biopsy done on it.  It may be a harmless lump or it may be cancerous. But you’ll never know for sure until you do a biopsy. Many women with breast cancer often had a lump that they or a health care provider ignored. Insist it is taken out and a biopsy done.
  •  Bone pain: Pain in the bones can mean many things. From a sickle cell crisis to insufficient calcium in a breast feeding mother. It could also mean cancer that has spread to the bones. So just check it out to be on the safe side.
  • Unexplained weight-loss : If you are dieting, then that’s okay. but if you are just losing weight without any known cause and you feel generally unwell, then it is definitely worth checking out.
  • Cough lasting more than 2 weeks with accompanying fever
  • Coughing up blood. 
  • Bleeding from any Orifice – nose, eye, ear, anus.
  • Persistent Severe Headache.
  • Any strange growth or swellings – painful or painless.
  • Hearing strange voices that only you can hear or seeing things that only you can see.
  • feeling sad, tired or irritable for more than 2 weeks.
The list is endless. However, the above are just a guide. The point to take is that you must take your body seriously and check out anything strange or unusual. If it is nothing, then all well and good but if something is wrong, an early diagnosis will increase your chances of getting better on time.
Till my next post, do stay beautiful, well and healthy-pink.
Dr. Anire Oduko


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