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Rationale for A School Health Programme

Primary target – Nigerian school-aged children. From age 3-16 years.

A child’s ability to attain his or her full potential is directly linked to the synergistic effects of good health, good nutrition and appropriate education. Good health and good education are not only ends in themselves but are the means by which individuals can lead productive and satisfying lives.

Poor health and malnutrition are important underlying factors for low school enrolment, absenteeism, poor classroom performance and early school drop-out as reflected in the world Declaration on education for all. Good health and nutrition are not only essential inputs but also important outcomes of basic education of good quality.

Eye Sight & Hearing Disabilities

Through our school health program we offer periodic screening meant to help detect children with high risk of eye sight & hearing impairment that may interfere with their ability to learn.

General Health Issues

Treatment & early detection of common skin conditions such as ring worm and psoriasis. We also carryout Deworming exercises of school pupils twice a year

Early Detection of Autism

The prevalence of developmental disorders, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), has increased and the trend continues to grow. Our School health program helps detect autism as early as possible.

Improving the health and learning of school children through school-based Health and Nutrition programmes is not a new concept. According to Obiageli Ezekwesili: “provision of health services like immunisation, school feeding, counselling, sick-bays are not new to Nigeria; these support services contributed to the high quality of education Nigeria was once known for” However, these services if provided at all are not coordinated and lack the effectiveness to truly impact health. In some schools, the poor state of hygiene, sanitation and general nonchalance to students health and well-being is alarming.

There is also a gap in health education among Nigerian school children. The modes of passing health knowledge is outdated and not in keeping with what is obtainable in developed Nations of the world. It is against this back drop that Healthy-pink Initiative has decided to partner with schools to provide a school health service that is effective and beneficial to all stakeholders.


The School Health Services provided will be adapted to meet the needs of a particular school. However general services available include:

  • Establish sickbay/school clinic.
  • Upgrade an already existing sickbay/clinic.
  • Provide drugs for common medical ailments
  • Provide diagnostic kits.
  • Provide First Aid materials.
  • Provision , training and supervision of school Nurse.
  • Doctor’s visitation and consultation if needed.
  • Inspection of environment for health and sanitation.
  • Encourage compliance with approved standards for schools.
  • Students are entitled to comprehensive medical check up as follows
    • Pre entry medical screening and tests.
    • Physical Examination every term
    • Mental Health appraisal every term
    • Dental examination each session
    • Visual screening each session
    • Hearing screening each session
    • Height and weight measurement every term

    Pre vacation and post resumption medical check up for boarders.

Treatment of common conditions such as:

  • Malaria
  • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Bacterial, fungal and viral infections
  • Care and dressing of wounds, cuts and bruises
  • Treatment of common skin conditions such as ring worm and psoriasis
  • Deworming of school pupils twice a year
  • Oral health programme for pupil per session

Referral of cases requiring secondary care to affiliate hospitals/clinics approved by parents.

We provide a school health record for each child which contains:

Personal and family history, History of past Illnesses and hospitalisation. Record of immunisations, Record of screening tests, Record of heights and weights taken at regular intervals.

This record is maintained and upgraded by our resource personnel and the school is entitled to the contents thereof as well as parents.

  • Care and dressing of wounds, cuts and bruises
  • Treatment of common skin conditions such as ring worm and psoriasis
  • Deworming of school pupils twice a year
  • Oral health programme for pupil per session

Referral of cases requiring secondary care to affiliate hospitals/clinics approved by parents.

  • Training staff and personnel in first aid and emergency preparedness
  • Administration of routine immunizations, missed immunization and booster doses
  • Provision of vitamin supplements for students termly
  • Organisation of school health days
  • Health training for teachers and staff
  • School is entitled to two visitatation of a doctor or specialist on call.
  • Health instruction for students.

Initiation of school health projects.


A school health service will give the following benefits:

Short-Term Benefits:

  • Contribute to the development of a health promoting school.
  • Enable a comprehensive appraisal of the child’s health status
  • Discover defects in the child.
  • Provide professional counsel for any existing deviation
  • Indicate the extent to which school health programme should be modified to benefit the child.

Long Term Benefits

  • Children enjoy enhanced physical psychological and social well-being and the ability to take full advantage of every opportunity for education.
  • They benefit from their parent participation in the school
  • Children who learn skills to maintain health when they are young are able to apply them in their adult lives and pass on to their children.
  • Schools benefits from having parental and community input and support.
  • School staff, who experience improved morale and skills, and do their jobs more effectively and improved their own health.
  • Parent and community members benefit by gaining a broader knowledge base about local health problems, learning importance new health information and skills and take part in their children’s education.
  • The nation, with healthier and better-educated men and women, has a stronger basis for economic development.
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