Healthy Ways To Keep Your Kids Engaged This Holiday

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It’s holiday season again for school children and this time it’s the really, long break. Many parents are getting hysterical just thinking of how to keep their kids occupied during the holiday. And I know, it can be challenging, more so when the parents are working. There are lots of summer schools to the rescue, to help busy parents out, but not every parent would want to put their child in a summer school. So, I have come up with some interesting, and more importantly, healthy ways to keep the kids engaged this holiday.

I share these tips below:


  • Experiment with sports: let your kids experiment with different sports like tennis, soccer, basketball, swimming and find out which one they like and encourage them to pursue it this holiday. Not only will it help them exercise and stay fit, it may just be the beginning of something interesting in their lives like being the next Djokovich or Ronaldo. Just saying…
  • Learn a new skill: This holiday, you could encourage your child to learn a new skill outside what is being offered conventionally in schools, in keeping with their interests. What do I mean? if you’ve noticed your child likes clothes and is always fiddling with fabrics you can encourage her/him to learn how to sew and put him/her in fashion school or just get a tailor to teach her.  It could be a new language you encourage him/her to learn. It could be how to bake, play an instrument, whatever. Just encourage the child to learn something useful or improve on an already learned skill. 
  • Encourage New hobbies: during the holidays encourage your kids to try something new and discover new hobbies. It may be gardening, painting, drawing, writing stories or poems, starting a collection.
  • Travel somewhere new: Travelling is a very interesting way to expose your child and help them know more about the world. Well-traveled people are often more intelligent and open-minded than their counterparts who just stay in one place. And it doesn’t have to be outside the country. Within the country is good too. It can help them know more about other peoples and cultures. So, if you can afford it, travel is a good way to occupy your kids this holiday.
  • Read, Read, Read – Reading is another wonderful, healthy way to engage your child this holiday. Not only will it improve their vocabulary, grammar and writing skills, it will open their imagination, illuminate their minds and help them discover new places and people through books. If your children are young and still learning how to read, still buy books for them in keeping with their ages. it will help to develop a life-long love for reading and books.
  • Playing outdoors, meeting up with friends, visiting and socialising: this is very healthy also as it makes children develop social connections important for their overall well-being. Humans are gregarious creatures and are wired to socialise and develop relationships with others. So playing outdoors can help them make friends but make sure to supervise this properly so they don’t make the wrong friends.
  • Limit screen time – this is the easiest means by which parents engage their kids – turn on the TV or computer and let them watch the time away. However, this is very unhealthy for the kids. It encourages sedentary lifestyle, making their bodies and brains inactive. No child should spend more than 2 hours a day watching the screen – TV and computer games inclusive.

These are some ways to engage your kids this holiday. I’ll try to practice at least two of the above suggestions. What are your plans for engaging your kids this holiday? Do comment and tell us all about it. You may just give a parent a new idea. If you like this post, please share and/or comment.

Till my next post, stay well and healthy-pink.

Dr. Anire Oduko.

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  1. Most of what u have mentioned need parent availability. How else to do?

    1. Yes, you have a point there. Most of the activities need supervision not necessarily by a parent. but most children, except they are adolescents need supervision. You do not have to be there per say, but you do need to ensure that someone you can trust supervises them. you can get someone to teach them new skills, it doesn’t have to be you. However, if you have any healthy ideas that do not require supervision feel free to share.

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