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We give health talks to individuals, groups, and organisations at conferences, seminars, and meetings.

We also write on health issues via our blog to increase health knowledge, and empower people about their health so they can make informed heath decisions and develop skills and behaviors for healthy living.

Read a vast array of Healthy Living tips written just for You


The Health Benefits of Honey

"Eat thou honey for it is good". Thus says the holy bible. but what exactly is honey and why is it good? Honey is a thick, sweet liquid made by Honeybees. The bees collect sugar-rich nectar from flowers. When inside their hives, they continously consume, digest and vomit the nectar (sounds disgusting but it is perfectly healthy and safe). When they are done, honey is what results.
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The Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

Everyone may have already heard that exercise is good for health. That however, is an understatement. Exercise is great for Health, able to prevent and alleviate many medical conditions. Research has shown that Regular exercise can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers to mention a few.
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