Top Tips to Prevent and Delay Breast Sagging.

The breasts are the ultimate sex symbol. Every woman loves her perky, firm, girls. And the men? Well, you can ask them yourselves. Babies definitely love their mama’s boobs. They actually can’t get enough of it. So breasts are loved by everyone, Men, babies and the women themselves.

Having breasts that are perky and firm can contribute to a woman’s confidence and every woman would rather the breasts stay that way forever. However, I’m sorry to disappoint you, they wont.

Breast sagging is an inevitable natural event that will happen as you grow older and age. Whether you have babies or not, or choose to breastfeed or not.

The breasts are made up of fat, lobules and ductules. They are held in place by ligaments called cooper’s ligaments. With time and gravity these ligaments weaken and lose their elasticity leading to breast sagging or breast ptosis as it is medically called.

However, there are certain measures that can delay breast sagging. These are:

  • keeping a healthy, steady weight:
    When you gain weight, the fat portion of the breast also increases in size. Bigger breasts tend to sag more because they are heavier and the pull of gravity affects it. During pregnacy, the breasts increase in size and after the pregnancy, when you lose the pregnancy weight, the size goes down, and the breasts will tend to look deflated. Constant gaining and losing of weight will subject the breasts to excessive stretching, weakimg the ligaments and lead to sagging. So try and keep a stable weight.
  • wearing the correct size of bra always and a good sports bra when exercising:
    Ensure you go for a professional bra fitting so you know your correct breast size. Your breasts need all the support they can get. Using the wrong size could affect their support. Also ensure you use a good sports support bra when working out as all that bouncing and moving can weaken the breast ligaments.
  • Avoid exposing your breasts to the sun: the ultraviolent rays of the sun affects the skin generally, leading to loss of elasticity which inevitably leads to sagging.
  • Stop smoking : The carcinogens in cigarette smoke break down elastin, a protein in the skin that helps to keep skin and breast supple and firm.
  • Drink lots of water and eats fruits and vegetables.
  • Build up your chest muscles- There are no muscles in your breast so there is no exercise per say you can use to build the breasts up directly. But the muscles of the chest, the pectoralis muscles can be built up and they can push out against the breast making it appear firmer.



Finally, try not to worry too much about your breasts. Just ensure you practice living healthy generally and adopt healthy habits and every part of your body including your breasts will be better off.
Till my next post, stay beautiful, stay fabulous, stay healthy-pink.
Dr. Anire Oduko.